Does your company consistently deliver a 5 Star customer experience?

Our Objective

Your Secret Shopper provides valuable and objective insight into the overall “customer experience” at your place of business.

Our clients use the data we collect to evaluate every consumer “touch point” and develop strategies to improve performance and ensure the delivery of exceptional customer service.

Your Secret Shopper is committed to conducting valuable strategic appraisals of the products and services your company offers.  Our goal is to assess your current operation and explore new and innovative ways to measure and improve the complete “customer experience”.  We strive to help our clients reach new levels of customer service and operational success, while at the same time recognizing strengths and rewarding employees that go above and beyond.

Store Visits

Your Secret Shopper will provide one or more visits by our trained shoppers. All Visit Reports are fully checked to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Telephone Calls

Mystery Calls are made by members of our staff. All calls are documented with details of the conversation.

Emails (Website Contact)

Emails (or website response forms) will be sent using a selection of email addresses available to us. We measure the speed and accuracy of response as well as it’s quality and suitability.

Objective: Create the ultimate 5-Star customer experience!

Our team goes to great lengths to accurately and professionally assess the level of customer service provided across the main consumer touch point of your business. We will identify potential areas of improvement and develop specific, measurable strategies to improve the overall customer experience.

Improve Customer Experience

Your Secret Shopper will provide detailed reports and if necessary, make recommendations on ways in which the customer experience can improve.

Your Secret Shopper offers both one-time assessment and on-going programs that allow us to monitor improvement and establish benchmarks for improvement.

Our process not only provides you with valuable data on your business’s actual “customer experience”, but also gives you critical feedback on your team.  In addition to identifying potential areas of improvement, our evaluation allows you to recognize and reward employees that receive high marks.  Your Secret Shopper awards “Stellar Performer” certificates or “Customer Service MVP” awards to members of your staff that exhibit high levels of customer service.

With the growing importance of online reviews and customer feedback, we also work with our clients on managing their online reputation.  The vast majority of consumers use online reviews as a major factor in deciding where to do business.   We help our clients deal with existing reviews and develop effective strategies to solicit new, positive customer reviews.

Our system involves three primary methods of review solicitation:

  • Staff training on in-person asks
  • Professional email follow-up and link to major review sites
  • Text message thank you and review request

Many consumers are willing to leave positive feedback and simply need to be asked or prompted via email/text with a simple and convenient method to leave a 5-star review.

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